President Obama in his farewell speech said “If you’re disappointed by your elected officials, grab a clipboard, get some signatures and run for office yourself.” I took his words to heart. Cities must be important centers of resistance against national politics of hate and divisiveness.   I believe that my unique background of Democratic activism, consumer protection advocacy and direct constituent services makes me the best candidate for City Treasurer. Together we can work to lift up our neighbors and end the cycle of poverty in Richmond.

– Tavarris

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Progressive Advocate for RVA

Tavarris took President Obama’s farewell speech to heart, when he said “If you’re disappointed by your elected officials, grab a clipboard, get some signatures and run for office yourself.” 25% of Richmond residents live in poverty, and many more citizens are at risk thanks to the divisive and discriminatory policies of the Trump Administration. Trump has signaled the he will gut financial protections through executive orders and remove the teeth from the federal watch dog Bureau of Consumer Protection. We can fight this by taking action locally. 

Tavarris will…

Fight payday lenders and other creditors who engage in unfair lending practices

We can limit the growth of new payday lending operations in our city. There are also a number of lenders who rely on the internet to find borrowers. I will work with the Virginia Attorney General’s office to identify lenders who may be operating outside state law and recommend action from the AG.

Tavarris fighting predatory lenders in the General Assembly
Work to get more fair banking options for more residents including alternative to predatory loans.

I will work with the City government and third parties to bring to Richmond alternative short term lending options that don’t take advantage of people.

Fight against discriminatory practices for people of color, women, undocumented residents, persons with disabilities, and LGBT residents.

Marginalized communities are taken advantage of in financial services, housing and employment discrimination. I will make the Treasurer’s office an ally to these communities and lend any help possible in instances of discrimination.

People’s Office

The Treasurer of Richmond is the only elected official in the City that is directly accessible by the residents of Richmond. The Treasurer’s office is on the first floor of City Hall and residents can come in without appointment and get help from the Treasurer.  Unfortunately, many do not know the services the Treasurer’s Office offers. Part of that is because the City website has little to no information.

Tavarris will…

  • Ensure the City website has complete information for the Treasurer’s services
  • Increase hours when meetings are available, including weekends
  • Partner with other non-profit organizations to increase residents’ access and participation of other free tax services
  • Partner with elected officials and community leaders to present financial literacy and other beneficial information at neighborhood/public meetings

Cycle of Poverty

Tavarris knows what it is like to be one paycheck or one unexpected expense from financial hardship.  He also knows that one of the best assets a person can have is a friend and ally.

Tavarris will…

  • Work with the Office of Community Wealth Building to complement workforce and educational programs for residents
  • Provide residents with financial education including how to fix a credit report, household budgeting, and best practices for using credit
  • Work with non-profits and faith based organizations to connect residents to services
  • Advocate for residents who have issues with the Department of Public Utilities

Core Services

Currently the Treasurer helps citizens of Richmond file taxes and is the head of the Treasurer’s Office.

Tavarris will…

  • Treat everyone who seeks help from the Treasurer’s office with dignity and respect
  • Continue to help residents with taxes
  • File budget reports accurately and timely to the Department of Finance
  • Comply with standards of open government
  • Explore additional business services needed to modernize the Office of the Treasurer